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I do not wish to anger any of the gods--new or old.

A year after Atlanta and Damien were brought together by the Pythia, they are once more called together. This time, by their old friend, and the new Pythia--Calista.

All around the Mediterranean, there are strange storms, mysterious disappearances, and gruesome murders. Though the events are seemingly unrelated, Calista believes they are the work of an angry god.


She tasks Atalanta and Damien with putting an end to the destruction. Alongside old allies and new, they must face sea monsters, pirates, fearful mortals, and sirens.

Whether their truce and fragile friendship can survive the journey to find, and stop, Poseidon, is a risk they must take.

(Short Story)

A young girl, living in a seaside cottage on the edge of a fishing village, feels frightened and alone. That is, until she meets a water spirit.

Though she knows all the stories of how the water spirits can be capricious and cruel, Selyna is gentle and caring.

Their secret friendship sustains the young girl through difficult times, but when Selyna offers a chance to escape the village forever, the cost might just be too high.

If you follow those who are lost,
you will never find your way...

Atalanta and Damien are the last descendants of the mythic figures of Medusa and Perseus. Their divine blood is not the only thing they have in common--they are mortal enemies locked in a centuries long feud. One that would have ended if not for the interference of a priestess with a vague prophecy of world-destroying events that only they can prevent.

They must set aside their hatred long enough to travel from the shores of Sicily to the island of Crete to find answers.


The tumultuous changes of the end of the 15th century darken the edges of their journey as they learn to navigate the strange juxtaposition between old oaths and new.

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